Pyramid Recording is a full service Recording Studio in Fresno, CA. We offer the finest quality digital recording via our Pro Tools HD/ Apogee system, as well as analog recording via a Studer 2" A80 tape machine. Both the digital and analog systems are coupled with the fantastic sound and versatility of an Amek Angela recording console. Our outboard analog recording gear includes API mic preamps, Manley Vari-MU and Universal Audio LA-2A all-tube compressors, and much more. Our mics include popular models from Neumann, Lawson, AKG, Shure, and Rode. Our system includes analog/digital conversion by Apogee. Our spacious studio includes a 500 square foot live room featuring a hardwood drum riser, vocal isolation booth, and a robust array of backline gear. Our main control room features three separate hi-end playback systems for accurate monitoring.  Our smaller room, (studio B) includes a complete digital workstation for music production and vocal or mixing sessions.  For your comfort and convenience, we have plenty of parking, a clean restroom, comfortable seating, and cold drinks.

The combined 70+ years of our staff's experience along with our incredible facility ensure that your next production will be top-notch.  We can make your sonic dreams come true! Whether you have just written a song and need help putting it all together, or you're a seasoned recording artist, our staff has the knowledge and experience necessary to help make your next project a success.

Pyramid is the recording studio to book in Fresno if you're looking for quality sound without breaking the bank. With competitive rates, unbeatable sound, and a professional atmosphere, you simply won't find a better value than Pyramid.

Call or text us at (559)709-0610 to book your session today!